B l o g

My first blog I had when I as a teenager and when I was growing up I wanted to share things on web, but sometimes I really don’t know what exactly to share. So one year ago I decided to create a new blog called Chá para dois (tea for two) I wrote there just in Portuguese talking about my days, what I did… So a personal blog but I wanted more! I want to do new friends around the world so I decided to do this blog called Enjoy the little things.

Most of Brazilians girls have blog about make-up, fashion design and things like that. That this is nice but I like to share things I really do, what I feel or I learned and they apparently don’t like so much to read this things. So I decided to try here the same thing talking about my life and stuff with you! What do you think? ^.^

I think we have to enjoy the little things in our life and then several things could be another meaning.

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